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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Were Expected To Pull A Major Stunt

Royal Family News says that no one should really be surprised by this. There’s a new report that suggests Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to pull a major stunt this week and right before King Charles’ coronation this weekend.

That’s because they apparently want to steal the spotlight away from the King of England on what will most likely be a very historic day for the monarchy. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Expected To Pull A Major Stunt This Week

According to royal biographer Tom Bower, he totally thinks that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to do something that will steal all of the attention away from King Charles and the rest of the royal family with a headline-grabbing move. Because if they’ve done it before, then they can clearly do it again, right?

As many fans can recall, Harry and Meghan dropped their trailer for their Netflix docuseries the day before Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in Boston for their Earthshot Prize ceremony back in December.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Were Expected To Pull A Major Stunt

Bower told GB News, “I suspect he’ll look for an excuse until the very last moment not to come. And that’ll be the stunt they’ll pull. If Charles had dealt with it properly weeks or months ago, we wouldn’t be hanging on to whether Meghan and Harry are coming or not.”

Bower added, “What they wanted wasn’t achieved. But at the end of the day, he’s going there to support his dad.”

What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

In the past, Bower had suggested that Prince Harry was holding his father like his emotional hostage. A lot of people believe that Harry is only coming to London because he needs material for his second tell-all book.

That means he’s ready and willing to share even more dirt about his family members and particularly about his father, King Charles, too. He said, “Charles has to fear Harry will reveal details of how he broke Diana’s heart with his cold behavior and by flaunting his mistress in his face! That’s not what he wants the public to know about their king.”

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    You are a little behind times Charles has already been crowned and Harry was very good and repectiful for his father.
    Younate way behind that was last saturday
    Week old news….

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