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Royal Family News: Buckingham Palace Is Desperate To Have Prince Harry Despite Issues With Camilla

Royal Family News suggests that at this point, Buckingham Palace might be very desperate to have Prince Harry attend King Charles’ upcoming coronation.

That’s because they are going to need something to generate some kind of buzz about the coronation, seeing how they are having a very hard time convincing big-name stars to come. That, and royal staffers are hoping that he can put his feud with Camilla Parker Bowles to the side for just one day for his father. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Buckingham Palace Is Desperate To Have Prince Harry Despite Issues With Camilla

According to a new report, Buckingham Palace remains quite optimistic that Prince Harry will attend the coronation, even though he’s yet to respond to his invite.

While no one knows if his wife Meghan Markle will attend as well, insides are hoping that Harry will not have to pay homage to Camilla Parker Bowles, seeing how he’s made no secret that he isn’t her biggest fan.

Royal Family News: Buckingham Palace Is Desperate To Have Prince Harry Despite Issues With Camilla

Harry made it sound like he was still bitter about Charles and Camilla’s affair during his marriage to Princess Diana.

While speaking to Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes back in January, Harry even said of Camilla, “She was the villain, she was a third person in the marriage. The need for her to rehabilitate her image… that made her dangerous.”

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Prince Harry?

And now a royal source says that while Prince William will pay homage to his father, Prince Harry will have to sit in his seat. The tipster added, “Harry will not have to pass the Queen Consort and bow as he does so.”

And while no one knows if this is going to solve the problem between Harry and Camilla, a separate insider said that the Queen Consort would rather not see Harry at the coronation at all. She thinks that both he and Meghan Markle should have been the last people on Earth to have gotten an invite to the Chubbly. So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter.

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  1. Edgar Almeyda says

    Regardless of the situation, he is Charles son and should be treated as such. She has no rights to any such thing, but it looks like Charles is playing favoritism over his two son’s and as the future king that shouldn’t be so.

  2. BrendaKEdwards says

    Having Prince Harry there would be the only thing to make it even remotely interesting. #TeamDianaHarryMeghan

  3. P H says

    Camilla should sit down and be quiet. She is NOT the ruler, Charles is.
    He can have anyone there he wants, and she should show some respect.
    No wonder they are having people bow out of his celebration.
    Camilla is behaving like a child, stamping her foot to get her way.

  4. Glo yazzie says

    Hope Prince Harry goes, & to have Ca-gorilla complain?.
    She’s the Sloppy second.. should have no say so…-&why does She want to include her Children…laughable

  5. Christine says

    Queen Camille know full well she is the reason behind the relationship with the Two sons of King Charles at there weekies time in there life she took their father away from them knowing they had just lost their mother she is reason behind some of this

  6. JR. says

    Camilla is just a second wife to King Charles, that’s all she is. She’s no Queen. She is the reason for Princess Diana’s death n that had taken Prince William’s & Prince Harry’s mother from them.
    If Camilla didn’t intervene in King Charles n Princess Diana’s marriage & pushed King Charles away while he was married to Princess Diana after her first marriage didn’t work out. Prince Diana would still be alive today n would be the Queen instead of Camilla.

    I don’t blame one bit of Prince Harry having a very strong grudge agents Camilla after all she is the reason for his mother’s death by interveneing in King Charles’s n Well I’m going to say Queen Diana’s marriage, cause Princess Diana deserves to be the Queen not Camilla.
    If I was Prince Harry &

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