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Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Son Archie’s Title Mysteriously Disappears, Buckingham Palace To Explain?

British royal family news shoes that (Prince) Archie’s profile on the Buckingham Palace web page has gone missing. What happened to the page for the Duke and Duchess of Excess’s son? They fought so hard for that title it’s a shame.

A few weeks ago the site was updated to display his name with his shiny new title after Megs and Harold dropped the news that it was a done deal. So let’s take a look at what’s up?

Royal Family News: Where is Archie’s Title?

The eldest child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrates his fourth birthday on 6 May which just so happens to be the date of his grandfather King Charle’s coronation. What a coincidence, right?

But if you try to see the fancy updated page for Master Archie all you’ll get is an error message.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry's Son Archie's Title Mysteriously Disappears, Buckingham Palace To Explain?

According to the Daily Mail, the Buckingham Palace website page for Archie “brings up an error message which reads ‘the requested page could not be found’ when people try to click on it, which comes just weeks after the Palace updated it to reflect his official royal title as Prince Archie of Sussex.”

Royal Family News: Buckingham Palace Website Offline

When Prince Archie and his younger sister Princess Lilibet were titled the line of succession changed. The website updated the succession line to show that the kids are now sixth and seventh in line to the throne; that particular page is still live and the children’s names and titles appear.

Royal Family News: Harry’s Title

Following a statement from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirming Princess Lilibet Diana’s christening, the official titles were updated on the website and the line of succession was also altered to reflect their place as sixth and seventh in line to the throne.

The news broke at the time of one-year-old Princess Lilibet’s christening when the “Sussexes’ statement referred to their children with their royal monikers for the first time.”

Afterward a PR person working for the couple said: “The children’s titles have been a birthright since their grandfather became monarch. This matter has been settled for some time in alignment with Buckingham Palace.”

Royal Family News: Where is Archie’s Title?

The outlet reports that sources close to the royal runaways said they, “were frustrated that Buckingham Palace failed to immediately recognise Archie and Lilibet’s titles after the Queen’s death in September 2022.” Wonder what they think now?

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  1. Sharon says

    I noticed today that Prince Harry is back in the UK yet I was in the understanding that due to his Visa issues he could not go back to the UK or anywhere out of the US without a 30 days notice. I wonder how this will affect his Visa now!!!!

  2. Ananda says

    I don’t know about immigration law because I’ve never needed to use it. I have read, tho, that markles have to let Security officers know 28 days before they come over if they want Security. I guess h did that so he could come to Court even tho nobody had to show. I’ll bet he did that so he could talk with his Father & Brother. That is one of his demands that has to be met before they’ll let KC3’s people know if they’re coming for the Coronation. They waited so long since they got the invitation that even if they said “yes” today that would leaveonly 10 days before May 6th to get all the plans in order. I guess that means they’re not coming. After all the bad things they’ve said about the RF I don’t know why they would want to be there, unless it would get them more pictures for m’s book & more secret videos for their next netflix videos. I’m sure that every situation involving them has been well thought over & weighed out so that if they so come h&m will be stopped from ruining KC3’s day.

  3. Marta Martinez says

    It’s really sad to be a spare. It’s the same situation for Infanta Sofia of Spain. All the attention goes to the prince who will become King or Queen.

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