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Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Disgusted With Camillazilla, Power Went “Straight to Her Head”

British royal family news divulges that Queenzilla Camilla is not making friends within the royal family, instead she’s busy putting on off-putting airs. In the lead up to the May 6 coronation outlets reported on insiders naming her ‘Coronationzilla.’ Weeks later it sounds like she’s keeping up the façade. reports that Camilla Parker Bowles is on a power trip, one that egged her into a “blazing blowout” with placid Princess Kate Middleton. The heated incident allegedly went down at Windsor Castle after Queen Elizabeth died on September 8, 2022.

Royal Family News: Camilla Angry at Kate?

According to one insider, the former queen favored Kate, leading Camilla to be “consumed with jealousy from the start.”

And there has been talk that the royals are not impressed with Camilla calling herself Queen instead of Queen Consort.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Disgusted With Camillazilla, Power Went “Straight to Her Head”

Last fall King Charles III declared that Camilla would “bring to the demands of her new role the steadfast devotion to duty on which I have come to rely.”

Royal Family News: Camilla A Force of Nature?

At that time he officially called the woman formerly accused of being a home wreaker, ‘Queen Consort.’ The day was September 22 and the speech addressed his new reign after his mother’s historic seven decades as monarch.

Now reports that a sources spilled: “Camilla’s lifelong dream of becoming queen had gone straight to her head. She started throwing her weight around, making it clear who was boss and demanding that everyone bow down to her.”

All of this reported nastiness allegedly was a turnoff for Kate the Princess of Wales who “was frankly disgusted by Camilla’s behavior.”

To this end it has been widely reported that Kate “refused” to curtsy to Queen Camilla at Charles’ coronation. That charge was reiterated by royal biographer Tom Bower, who is considered an impeccable source.

Royal Family News: Camilla Angers Royals?

Bower said that Kate was so mad with Camillazilla that she refused to bow to her at the May 6 service at Westminster Abbey.

Could it be that Camilla is jelly of Kate’s popularity among the public? According to a source, “Kate hasn’t been hailed the most successful royal hire ever for no reason. She would normally never let her youth and beauty overshadow Camilla, but the gloves are off. King Charles’ wife has met her match. Around the palace, Kate is considered the real queen.” Me-ow! Tell us royal fans, are you Tam Kate or Team Camilla?

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  1. James Herren says

    King Charles and the Bitch Queen need to grow up and accept that the Brits. Had rather have William and Kate

    1. Gloria Steer says

      We loved Diana, who was caused great sadness by Camilla. William and Kate will do well for the Monarchy.

  2. Judy McCarthy says

    Kate all the way. KC needs to reign in Camilla the ugly Queen CONSORT. NOT QUEEN.

  3. Dorothy says

    Someone needs to harness that woman and put her in her place. I could never think of her as Queen. She thinks she won but Kate will always be a Queen of style, composure and beauty. I think Kate will over shadow her no matter what she does.

  4. Michelle says

    I’m on team Kate. Camilla will always be the “home wrecker”, I have no respect for her!

  5. Sherian says


  6. Usa says

    Camilla is a wicked witch and should have never been crowned queen. I think Kate is loved by most of her country and a lot of Americans too.

  7. Jill Hopkins says

    Too big for her boots that Camilla – she cannot hold a candle to Catherine who is the epitome of elegance,gracefulness,kindness ,humility and regality.I cannot wait for her to become Queen Consort.I think Charles should be very careful and needs to keep Camilla in check after all she demanded all her grandchildren should play a part in the Coronation and even had the cheek to invite her ex husband to the ceremony!Camilla looks imo old and doddery and incapable of carrying out her duties properly so let’s have a new King and Queen before too long!

  8. Anastasia says

    Team Kate, fore sure! I was disgusted when Charles and Carmella De’Vil got married. She knew what she was doing. She got her claws into him and never let go.

  9. Irene Millius says

    It’s Kate all the way. Camilla will always be known as the “home wrecker”. There is nothing she can do to redeem herself. There is no amount of work for the crown she could do that would make up for the pain she has caused so many people in the Royal family. Kate will always be the queen in the people’s eyes.

  10. Kathleen says

    These stories are pure nonsense the fact is Camilla is Queen now and Kate will get her turn. The same thing is happening to Kate that happened to Diana people trying to make a saint out of an ordinary woman and look how that turned out.

  11. noellastober says

    Hopefully Camilla will come back down to earth and quickly at that It would be ashamed if she blows it for herself straight off the bat. Most brits are not happy with her and the Americans really do not care for her either. Will it become a battle of who is worse, Camilla or Meghan Wow the monarchy has their hands full at the moment. Camilla must fully recognize she is NOT the queen, she is married to the King only She has tried to disgrace the royals since before Charles married Diana and she won there with the king but that is all So many still disrespect the king and for good reasons. Queeny, come to earth and maybe you can gain some respect rather than throw around your weight and stay stupid

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