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Royal Family News: Prince William Forced To Pay For Archie And Lilibet’s Every Need?!

British royal family news reveals that the rumor mill is churning with speculation that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to return to the royal fold following their self-made dumpster fire life in the US.

If that happens Prince William might be put in a very awkward position. Let’s dissect the dilemma he could face if his “archnemesis” traitor brother becomes a senior working royal again.

Royal News: Prince William’s Dilemma

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex live in California with their two children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

The couple’s path to financial freedom has been a spectacular failure and no one with any sense appears willing to do business with the “grifters.” In which case the terrible twosome might seek an all-expenses return to the UK.

Royal Family News: Prince William Forced To Pay For Archie And Lilibet's Every Need?!

Royal Family News: Harry And Meghan Return To UK?

Spotify dumped the talentless couple last month and since then it has been open season on the couple who have made one misstep after another, mostly with their trashy mouths.

Unless someone wants a new fragrance called “F****** Grifters” or needs Meghan to be the face of a toxic waste dump, there seems little opportunity for these two.

Last week it was reported that Prince Harry reached out to Prince William to test the waters about his and Meghan’s return. Meghan was allegedly livid and found out after the fact.

Royal Family News: Meghan Mad At Harry?

Prince William receives £24million a year from the Duchy of Cornwall and will use it to fund his kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Unless, according to GB News “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle returned to the Royal Family fold.”

If that transpired, Prince Willliam could be expected to pay the way for the Sussex family including “the schooling of Archie and Lilibet.”

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told the outlet that he believes if Meghan and Harry rejoin the monarchy, William will indeed fund them.

But this idea is preposterous to the pundit who added, “after everything that has happened that Meghan and Harry could just walk back in is beyond extraordinary.

Tell us royal fans, do you want Meghan and Harry to return to the royal fold?

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  1. Pat R says

    William and Harry need to make things right for their peace of mind. Help him with his children should come from the heart with love of family. Megan to me was the reason why Harry went as far as he did. Love in this case is blind. They could be welcomed back in the .But move slowly in Megan way,The children are free in all this. Harry can prove himself and be loved by the Monarch again.

  2. Sharon says

    They are still family. It’s obvious that the people, (or should I say some people) of England don’t care about the family structure. All prince Harry wanted to do was see if he could make it on his own. What’s so terrible about that? If he wants to return home, he should be met with open arms from his family.

    1. Debby says

      Respectfully agree to disagree. You don’t do what those two did then except open arms. You come back to the UK you do it on your own dime. You support yourselves, don’t except someone else to pay your way. Isn’t it time he stood on his own two feet?

  3. Dogmom5 says

    I got screwed twice by family members. I have no use for Harry and Megan after the crap they pulled. I might help educate the kids but it would be on my terms not H&M’s terms. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. They will do it again if they got the chance.

  4. Robyn says

    What’s not very funny! i Prince William is the one to bend over backwards for the two Harry and Meghan didn’t want to be family members!
    No the truth is they can’t make any more MONEY OFF THE BACKS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY!
    Now can you please take care of myself and ungrateful wife!
    Maybe it would be better to pay them a small amount to stay away!

  5. Deborah says

    This is another PUBLICITY STUNT.
    Harry comes back he finds his own home, pays for his own security & his families bills.

  6. Michelle says

    Harry and family should completely take care of themselves if allowed to return to the monarchy, they left to be self sufficient and instead trashed the monarchy mercilessly for the world to see. Harry made the biggest mistake of his life when he hooked up with that witch Meghan, she came to disrupt the monarchy which she accomplished.
    Personally I wouldn’t want them back they caused so much hurt and humiliation. I believe they are hoping to be completely taken care of like before.
    They have millions to take care of their family!

  7. Susan A TRESSLER says

    I would fund Harry or his family. It was His and Meghan
    decision to leave the royal family. William bent over backwards for Meghan and Harry. Example Christmas with the ring no attend. Kate didn’t attend Christmas with the royals till after she was married to prince William!

  8. Susan A Tressler says

    I wouldn’t fund Harry or his family. It was His and Meghan
    decision to leave the royal family. William bent over backwards for Meghan and Harry. Example Christmas with the ring no attend. Kate didn’t attend Christmas with the royals till after she was married to prince William!

  9. Cherie says

    These two infuriate me! The royal family welcomed Meghan with open arms. They spent a fortune on their wedding. When Meghan’s father didn’t show uo to walk her down the aisle prince Charles did it. They were given gold on a golden platter and they threw it back in their faces. I think that she simply did not want to give up acting. She figured that being a ex royal the offers would pour in. She found out that she was sadly mistaken. To top it off they spread stuff about the royal family that was half truths and embellished. So they say someone asked what color they thought the baby would be. To me that was simply a question of interest the same as asking what color the baby’s eyes would be! Even with all of this I believe they should go back, should be accepted back but they better work their asses off in their public duties and keep their mouths shut about the family’s buisness. They spilled all the so called dirt they could. They exhausted that and now there’s nothing left of interest to say. It wouldn’t surprise me that they try to dig up more dirt and go on the rampage again. One thing the royal family should do before they accept them back is make them sign NDA’s. They should be kept on a short leash the dogs that they are!

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