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90 Day Fiance’ Recap Sunday, December 30: Jay Busted On Tinder – Colt Calls Cops On Larissa

90 Day Fiance’ Recap Sunday, December 30: Jay Busted On Tinder - Colt Calls Cops On Larissa90 Days Fiance’ Recap Sunday, December 30 kicks off with Jay and Ashley.  One week after the wedding, Ashley found out Jay was messaging other women from an account he created on Tinder. Jay was inviting women to his and Ashley’s house.

90 Day Fiance’ Recap – Jay And Ashley

Ashley demands to know why Jay did this, he says it meant nothing to him. Jay claims to respect Ashley and says he was bored. Ashley asks what marriage means to Jay. Jay admits that if he hadn’t got caught, he wouldn’t have told Ashley about the woman. Ashley gets upset and walks off and cries in the other room. Jay blames it on the women for messaging him but doesn’t take responsibility for making the account in the first place. Jay believes Ashley should hear him out and claims messages isn’t cheating. Jay says he wants Ashley and isn’t going to leave, he plans for fight for their relationship.

Ashley meets with her friend Brandi meet to discuss what happened with Jay and the woman from Tinder. Ashley says the woman Jay was talking to is the exact opposite of her. Brandi says people say age doesn’t matter, but it does. Brandi asks where Jay is during the day, and Ashley says he is right there. Ashley is fully responsible for Jay for ten years unless she annuls the marriage and sends Jay back to Jamaica. Brandi asks how Ashley feels about this, and she says you can’t stop loving someone overnight. Ashley isn’t sure what she wants to do about Jay. Ashley needs to decide what she wants to do about Jay.

Jay wants to stay married, but it’s hard for Ashley to even look at him. Ashley asks what Jay is thinking. Ashley tells Jay he isn’t happy, he isn’t getting something he needs. Jay says he was bored and Ashley questions what he would do if they had a real problem. Jay says Ashley doesn’t give him enough attention. Ashley asks why Jay can’t tell him when he’s not paying attention to him. Ashley tells Jay that she doesn’t trust him.

Jay says he was only messaging someone; he didn’t cheat on her. Jay tries to assure Ashley that it wasn’t going to go any further. Ashley says she will throw things up in his face all the time. Ashley believes Jay is only sorry that he got caught. Jay says he loves Ashley and wants to do whatever it takes to make her believe that. Jay knows Ashley is mad right now. Ashley needs some space from Jay right now. Jay said he would forgive Ashley if it were her. Ashley says it would be so much easier to walk away from him right now. Ashley has invested a lot of time and money in this relationship, and now she regrets every choice she has made.

90 Day Fiance’ Recap – Kalani and Asuelu

Today is Kalani and Asuelu’s wedding day. Kalani tells Asuelu that she told Kolini about the new baby. Kalani’s mom is picking her and the baby up to take them to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. Kalani hopes that telling Kolini about the baby doesn’t ruin the wedding. Kolini wants to know when Kalani is going to tell their dad about the new baby. Kalani says she’s not going to tell him today because he will try to stop the wedding.

Kalani asks if Kolini is still upset with her after last night. Kalani hopes that Kolini and Asuelu can be close eventually. Kolini thinks she may be weird with Asuelu today. Kalani hopes that no one tells her brother or father about the baby because she is afraid they will try to stop the wedding.

Asuelu is excited and nervous about the wedding. Asuelu has no idea how to put his suspenders on his pants. Asuelu wishes they had more than ninety days to get married so her family would accept him. Nick gets there to give Asuelu a ride to the wedding. Kalani is feeling stressed out about the wedding; she is afraid her dad will find out about the pregnancy before the wedding. Kalani is ready to be married to Asuelu. Asuelu arrives on the boat for the ceremony, he is nervous but tries to be comfortable. Kalani is nervous to see her dad because she is afraid he will find out she is pregnant. Kalani’s dad asks how the bachelorette party was yesterday. Kalani hopes her family understands that she loves Asuelu and wants to marry him and will support that.

Kalani’s parents walk her down the aisle to Asuelu. Asuelu loves Kalani’s dress and is very excited. The captain asks for objections as he begins the ceremony. Kolini wanted to object but didn’t. Kalani and Asuelu exchange vows and rings. Asuelu cries and has to ask what his vows are again. Lisa feels Kalani and Asuelu will be fine. Kalani’s father things Asuelu is here for the right reasons. Kalani says it feels good to be married. Kolini feels like they will have a rocky road. Kalani and Asuelu have their first dance as man and wife. Asuelu says they have a bright future for his family. Asuelu tries to teach Kalani a Samoan dance. Now they need to tell everyone about the new baby.

90 Day Fiance’ Recap – Leida And Eric

Leida is rushing to get to her makeup appointment before her wedding. Leida’s makeup artist asks what she is most excited about today. Leida chooses to wear a tiara for the wedding. Leida can’t wait to get married and believe Eric will be a great father figure for her son. Eric picks her up; he might have had doubts about this wedding happening but isn’t superstitious. Eric’s friend helps Leida get ready for the wedding. Eric has his suit, but his pants aren’t there. Eric and Leida are worried because they can’t find his pants and have twenty-five minutes until the ceremony. Eric and Leida have to run out to buy a pair of pants to match his suit. Leida tells Eric the pants where there when she was packing his close. Leida finds this oversight unacceptable.

Eric says Leida is pissed because he couldn’t find his pants. Leida and Eric run to the store and grab pants but are going to be late for their wedding. Leida doesn’t understand why Eric cannot be more organized Leida gets into her dress and slides on the garter. Eric’s dad asks if he has heard from this daughter’s, they told him they might show up but haven’t so far. Eric says it is important to him that his family get along. Leida wishes they had more time because everything was so rushed. Leida hopes she can trust Eric because they came from another country to be with him. Eric says it is hard to think about getting married without his daughters there. Eric looks to find his youngest daughter in the audience.

Eric says he is choosing love because he spent twenty years choosing his children. Leida says she feels so nervous, but when she saw Eric she was at ease, he looked gorgeous. The minister starts the ceremony, Eric and Leida say their vows and exchange rings. Leida is excited that the ninety days are over and she gets to stay in America. Eric’s dad is happy for Eric and Leida. Leida is happy that the youngest daughter is there and she is all they need. Leida wants to get her medical career started here.

90 Day Fiance’ Recap – Colt and Larissa

Colt and Larissa have five hours before their wedding. Colt says they have had to fast forward through their relationship because of their time limit. Debbie never thought Colt would get married. Colt’s mom has no idea how to tie Colt’s tie. Colt tells Debbie things will change after the wedding but asks her to walk him down the aisle. Colt didn’t think he would have this much trouble from his family over the wedding. Larissa told his cousin John not to come to the wedding. Colt has invited John to come to the wedding anyway and never told Larissa.

Larissa is telling her makeup artist about the visa process. Larissa says shes completely in love with Colt. Larissa feels beautiful in her wedding dress. Colt wouldn’t pay for the dress she wanted, but they found a princess style dress. Larissa is thinking about John and what happened to him. Larissa doesn’t want John at the wedding, but he is the only family Colt and Debbie have in Vegas. Debbie walks Colt down the aisle. John and his wife are at the wedding. John doesn’t like Larissa and is worried about Colt.

Larissa is glad she and Debbie have made up. Colt says he is ready to marry Larissa and he wonders what Larissa will do when she sees John there. Colt says he wants a wife, not a child. Colt doesn’t consider how much Larissa doesn’t want John there. Larissa says if John wants to argue with her she will defend herself. Larissa says when she looks at Colt she feels so in love and happy. Colt has a lot of hope for their marriage since Larissa has been able to control herself today. Colt understands that Larissa wants acceptance. Debbie says there has been a lot of drama going on, but they are getting along better now.

Debbie hopes they can be a happy family. Colt and Larissa exchange vows. Colt and Larissa add to their vows a few sentiments of their own. Colt and Larissa about pronounced man and wife. Colt feels amazing and is glad they are finally married. John’s wife hugs them, Debbie wants them to start anew today. Debbie wants Colt and Larissa to be a happy couple. Larissa is happy to be married to Colt. Larissa says something happened, but she doesn’t want to talk about it because today should be a happy time.

After the wedding, Larissa has herself locked in the bedroom. Larissa has been charged with domestic battery because Colt called the police on her. Colt had never seen Larissa that upset before. Larissa had to spend forty-eight hours in jail. Colt told the police things were ok and not to come to the house, but the state of Nevada pressed charges regardless. Larissa may be deported because of Colt’s decision to involve the police. Colt still loves Larissa and wants her to be his wife. Colt now wishes he had walked away from Larissa instead of calling the police. Debbie tells Colt he better work on getting a lawyer. Debbie is concerned about the future because Larissa has a lot of problems. Debbie wishes him luck; he’s going to need it.

90 Day Fiance’ Recap – Olga and Steve

Steve is leaving Russia today. Steve has to get back home to prepare for Olga and the baby to come to the U.S. Steven is upset that Olga’s visa will take a while, but he didn’t apply for it when he should have. Olga says she misses Steven already. Steven hates to leave the baby with Olga in Russia, but he belongs with his mother. Olga is crying because Steven is leaving the country. Steven kisses both of them goodbye and head to check in. Unfortunately, Steven realizes too late that he should have applied for the Visa a long time ago. Olga is a little bit afraid that she will have trouble with Steven leaving Russia because no she is alone with the baby. Olga is disappointed that Steven isn’t with them and she has to wait again to be with him. Olga feels alone, but she has the baby to keep her occupied. Olga hopes this is the last time they are separated.

90 Day Fiance’ Recap – Jonathan and Fernanda

Jonathan’s sister Jackie is helping Fernanda to get ready for the wedding. Jackie asks Fernanda how she feels not having any of her family there. Fernanda says this ninety day has been the hardest time in her life. Jonathan says there is a lot of emotions going through his mind at the moment. Jonathan’s immediate family except his mom is there. Jonathan says Fernanda is upset that her family can’t be there either.

Jonathan’s brother Nick is helping him to get ready for the wedding. Jackie asks Fernanda if she has spoken to her mother, but she hasn’t since yesterday. Fernanda is upset that Jonathan’s mom isn’t coming to the wedding, the family is important to her, and she wants Jonathan and his mom to repair their relationship. Fernanda has a different dress for this wedding because she wants to save the other one for her wedding in Mexico.

Jonathan says he had doubts before, but they have become stronger as a couple because they had to work harder to make this work. Fernanda says this isn’t the wedding of her dreams, but it is the man of her dreams. Jonathan’s brother performs the wedding ceremony. Jonathan and Fernanda are pronounced husband and wife. Jonathan says they are much stronger because of the struggle they have been through in the past ninety days. Jackie believes Fernanda is a great match for her brother and will be an asset to their family. Jonathan says he is a much better person because of Fernanda.

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