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Outlander: Charles Vandervaart Dishes On Playing Jamie Fraser’s Son

Outlander spoilers, news, and updates tease what it is like to play Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) son. Charles Vandervaart shares what he did to prepare for playing William Ransom, Jamie’s illegitimate son.

We meet the adult William in Season 7, and there are similarities and differences between the father and son.

In an interview with Parade, Charles Vandervaart shared, “I watched the show, of course, and I had lots of discussions about what mannerisms or what behaviors that Jamie has that William would also have.”

Charles Vandervaart

“And, likewise, with my dad who raised me, Lord John Grey, what kind of traits that William has that he inherited from Lord John—the dad that stepped up. But I think it was also important that William was his own person. He’s not just a carbon copy of Jamie or of Lord John Grey. He has his own attributes, but he definitely has that same fire and attitude, that passion that Jamie has, while he gets a lot of his mannerisms from Lord John Grey.”

Outlander Spoilers – William Ransom Goes To War

By this time, William has come to America to fight on the side of the Red Coats. He has been raised a Lord and is eager to go to war to protect the honor of the crown. But unlike Jamie, William is a little naïve because he does not know how bloody and gruesome wars can be.

“I think a lot of his eagerness to go to war is just purely of ignorance because he doesn’t realize how messy and how bloody and how horrible war can be,” Charles said of his character.

“But he has a similar passion to Young Ian [John Bell], that he really wants to fight for what he believes in. And it’s interesting that they’re on opposite sides because when we did meet each other, we formed quite a lovely relationship.”

Outlander Spoilers – Charles Vandervaart’s Career

Charles Vandervaart is known for his roles as Robbie Hobbie in Holly Hobbie (2018-2022), John Brackenreid in Murdoch Mysteries (2013-2022), Liam Tufeld in Lost in Space (2021), and as Jacob in The Craft: Legacy (2020), among others.

Charles is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Aside from performing on stage and screen, he is also an athlete. He participate in various sports and activities, such as hockey, basketball, soccer, swimming, rock climbing, and triathlons. He also plays piano and guitar.

Fans can watch him in six episodes of Outlander Season 7.

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