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Survivor Host Jeff Probst Reveals How To Get Cast!

Ever watch Survivor and wonder what it takes to get cast? Host Jeff Probst knows the answer. And now Jeff has decided to spill the Survivor tea on what he seeks in players.

Learn about the top secret to persuading the Survivor host to pick you. And discover Jeff’s surprisingly casual casting process. Get all the details below.

Survivor Spoilers- Host Reveals Casting Secrets!

Jeff Probst just dished up the secrets to getting cast on Survivor. And the popular host, who also produces the reality TV competition show, did so on his podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst. Because Probst uses his podcast to share what happens behind the scenes, Jeff dedicated an episode to selecting the players for each season of Survivor, noted MSN.


Titled “Choosing the Castaways,” the podcast revealed that Probst begins by interviewing possible players over FaceTime. And he explained how that process changed from the initial Survivor casting. “We used to … fly everyone to L.A.,” recalled Jeff. “And we would meet them for the first time in L.A.”

But although that process seemed “exciting,” the Survivor host admitted that they invested time and money in sending people to Los Angeles who failed to pass their tests. “But there’d be people where you’re like, ‘Oh, that’ll never work.’ Well, now we’ve figured out we can change that part of the process and figure that part out over FaceTime,” shared Jeff about the first stage of casting. 

Jeff Probst – Keeps Survivor Casting Casual

But the first part of casting allows Probst to keep it casual. And the Survivor host shared that his FaceTime calls to prospective contests take place one-on-one. “I just get a cup of coffee, turn on FaceTime, dial the number, and see who’s on the other end,” revealed Jeff. “And we just talk for 10 minutes. That’s it.”

However, those who pass that FaceTime call then get to fly to Los Angeles. As a result, those who fly to Los Angeles represent the only players they want to meet in person. But the key to all the casting involves the “biggest part” of making Survivor a success.

And that involves finding those who seem authentic. “Authenticity is what connects to a player,” noted Jeff. And he believes that “every player you’ve ever loved has one thing in common. They’re authentically true to who they are. You just gotta trust that who you are is who you should be.” And the Survivor casting team wants players to answer the question, “Who are you?”

But in order to answer that key question, Probst turns to professionals to conduct psychological evaluations. And he explained that the tests evaluate each potential player’s behavior. However, after testing, the psychologist discusses the results with each possible contestant. 

Tell us what you think. How do you react to the process involved in casting Survivor? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more television news.



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