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The Young and the Restless Spoilers for Friday, January 4: Nikki Plots Prison Escape – Jill Makes Her Rounds – Billy Romances Victoria

The Young and the Restless Spoilers for Friday, January 4: Nikki Plots Prison Escape - Jill Makes Her Rounds - Billy Romances VictoriaThe Young and the Restless (Y&R) begins with Jack (Peter Bergman) and Kerry (Alice Hunter) returning from the Bora Bora trip; both thoroughly enjoying their return until Billy (Jason Thompson) welcomes them back. Victoria (Amelia Heinle) orders her mother, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) not to speak as Victor (Eric Braeden) is behind bars and fighting with every fiber of his being. She can’t help but wonder if Nikki could be the same if she was behind them.

Jill (Jess Walton) visits Cane (Daniel Goddard), who seems a million miles away and she wants to know why. He feels whatever he is doing, he is letting Lily (Christel Khalil) down. He blurts out to Jill that he kissed another woman, after Jill tells him confession is good for the soul.

Victoria reminds Nikki she is alive and has a second chance and wants to know if she wants to live that out in jail; with all her health issues it is all they can think of. Victor knows that Nikki is in good hands and healing and all she should be focusing on is getting stronger and going home.

Young And Restless Spoilers – Billy Fills Jack In On Newman Drama

Jack and Kerry show Billy photos of their trip, and he gets the picture that they had the time of their lives. Jack gives Billy a gift as Kerry leaves to make a few work calls. Billy reveals all hell broke lose for the Newmans and clearly Jack only heard the half of it.

Jill is furious with Cane, even though it was one kiss with someone who he doesn’t even like. He reminds Jill this is the last woman he wants female companionship with. Jill reminds Cane about his pent up anger and being alone. Cane hates himself about lying to Lily about Juliette and the car crash, but he intends to tell her about this kiss.

Meanwhile, Victoria visits with her psychologist, talking about Reed, Victor and Nikki’s situations. Victoria admits that she feels totally responsible as it all comes back to her bringing JT (Thad Luckinbill) back into her life; everyone is suffering because of her bad choice. Victoria swears that she knows Victor is not guilty because she knows her father but then she quickly admits she kissed two men in one day and doesn’t know how to cope with it.

Billy talks about Nikki healing and how Victoria is trying to grapple with Victor being in jail. Jack asks how much closer he is getting to Victoria and he actually blushes. Billy says they kissed and then talked about their feelings, especially where his heart is and what this all means. Billy says he is crazy about Victoria and always has been. Jack reminds him if he is going to get involved with Victoria he has to make a commitment he is unwilling to break and wonders if he is up to that.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victoria Vents To Her Therapist

Victoria reveals one man was an exhusband and the other she holds complete animosity towards. Victoria says Billy has been a shoulder to lean on, full support and they laugh the way they used to. When asked, Victoria never thought things could be like this between them again but it makes her happy. She questions how she can have these feelings for Billy and then kiss another man. Cane tries to reassure this kiss was nothing, but she feels he is protesting too much. Jill advises him to keep his mouth shut and never breathe this to another living soul, especially Lily.

Nate (Brooks Darnell) comes to see Nikki, who wants to know how soon she can get out of the hospital. Jill reminds Cane if he tells Lily, she will always doubt him and the only way she is garnering any strength right now is through her family. Jill tells him to admit he made a stupid mistake and let it go so he can continue being the man that she really needs. Her last words are for Cane to stay away from this woman he kissed because she sounds like nothing but trouble.

Victoria admits she might have kissed this other man because she wanted to ruin it before they got back together; talking about Billy’s reckless behavior and gambling problems. She admits that Billy has changed and is far more mature but Victoria can’t help and wonder if she has changed too, especially after all she has been through with JT. She says Billy is nothing like JT, but she isn’t sure about diving into another relationship. She is advised to tell him about her hopes and fears and then decide if she is ready to move forward.

Billy is ready to start again with Victoria, telling Jack it is her that is stopping it. Billy thinks she wants to but because of his history, she might be hesitant. Jack says if he was in her shoes, he wouldn’t waste a minute without giving her a gesture that shows she means everything to him. Billy rushes off as Jack wishes him good luck.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Jill And Jack Catch Up

Nate suggests they take it day by day but he is concerned about her recovery and will not release her until he feels good about it. Jack is surprised to see Jill. She reveals she made the trip solo as her and Colin have been taking a break. Jack admits that there has been absolute radio silence from Ashley (Eileen Davidson). Jill knows how much it meant to him that he was truly an Abbott. Jack and Jill toast to never talking about Kyle (Michael Mealor) digging up the grave. She reminds him how proud of him John would be; Kerry witnesses the private moment and retreats quickly.

Billy comes to see Victoria, who feels she put on a lot of responsibility on Billy because she wasn’t being honest about herself. She admits to having strong feelings for him but doesn’t know if she can be in a committed relationship after what happened with JT and with him; she doesn’t want history repeating itself and won’t do it to the kids. She doesn’t think she can take it if they didn’t work out again. She now gives him the floor to says what he needs to say.

Jack introduces Jill to Kerry Johnson, revealing she is John’s exwife. Kerry is shocked to learn when Jack and Jill reveal their relationship wasn’t always platonic and now she is dying to hear it all. Billy tells Victoria the time they spend together feels right and true, like it was meant to be. He makes her close her eyes and presents her with the hat Jack bought him from Bora Bora; both laughing that it looked like the hat she wore in Jamaica. All he remembers is how everything was perfect and everything he felt then, he feels now.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Nikki Plots Her Escape

The nurse comes to see Nikki, who is waiting for the paperwork to sign herself out of the hospital, without Dr. Hastings. It is her legal right and she demands the papers.

Kerry presses Jack, who admits there was more than one time between the two. Jill says their history is ancient, although they are sometimes a thorn in each other sides. Kerry says she can share her past as it would pale in comparison. She was a bit stunned but loves how honest he is with her. She admits they all have scars and skeletons in their closets. She leaves to take her stuff home and will talk to Jack later. Kerry observes how close they are while she leaves.

Nate joins Cane at the GCAC bar. Cane is glad that Nate got out of the situation unscathed and knows how tough Victor is to stand up to. Cane reveals that after the car crash he also went on the run with his family, so he understood what Victor was doing; he stresses how little a life this is without Lily.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Billy Romances Victoria

Billy tells Victoria this can be the beginning of their story, and be different. He is sure because he won’t let her down as he likes to think he is more mature and wiser. He learned from his mistakes; wanting to be good to and for her and worthy of being in her life. Billy wants to kiss her, but she pulls back, saying too much has happened that they can’t control so if they are going to do this, they need to go very slow!

Nikki calls the GCPD, saying her husband is being held there and she would like to be on his visitor list.

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