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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Mia Has A Darker Side, Is She a Maniac?

Fans of the Young and the Restless know that Mia Rosales (Noemi Gonzalez) has some personality issues. She’s not just loud and jealous but also possessive and obsessive. She knows what she wants and she will do everything to get it. Spoilers reveal that Mia may very well be willing to cross the line just to get her way. Fans may soon get to see a much darker side to Mia.

Viewers may recall that she loves to be in the spotlight. She even exposed her affair to everyone just to get the attention she thinks she deserves. She cornered Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) at least once and made an epic scene at Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) and Arturo’s engagement dinner. If fans think all her past actions are bad, wait till they see what Mia is really capable of!

Mia feels hurt and betrayed with the announcement of Arturo and Abby’s engagement on social media. She starts to spiral out of control and starts to write awful things about Abby on her post only to delete it in the end. She may have decided not to post what she wrote but viewers can expect that she’s out for blood.

Her anger is exacerbated when she sees Abby face to face at her front door. What could possibly go wrong now that Mia has her sweet future sister-in-law alone to herself? Abby reaches out to Mia and tries to patch things up. She even makes Mia feel more awkward when she tells her that she wishes nothing more but the happiness of their whole family.

Mia may appear calm as she watches and listens to Abby’s speech. But in her mind, she imagines cutting Abby’s pretty hair. Is this a glimpse of how Mia’s mind works? Is she a maniac? Will the time come when she no longer wants to just imagine but hurt Abby for real? All that fans could hope for right now is for Abby to watch out for herself, especially when Mia’s around.

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    T heres no thinking if she is, she is.
    She wants her cake and eat it too.
    She wants her hubby and then keep string the poor brother behind.

    1. Guest says

      Needs to go back to Miami!

  4. Guest says

    Yes crazy. She bores me, the entire family bores me. Dumb storyline for her & her family. Same bs all the time, & she is so full of herself. She thinks she all that & a bag of chips.

  5. Guest says

    We always need one of those ” crazy B’s ” on the show and we have found it for sure in her , it will all blow up in this ” triangle” , how it will end is any bodies guess , but it may open up Sharon’s closeness with Rey , look out Abby , the ”ally cat” has her claw’s out and is ready to scratch your eyes out , don’t let her hope the guys ” wake up ” to what she’s really about and stop something awful that is about to happen ,like sending her Fairview for a long time ! Stay tuned …..!

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