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Young and the Restless Spoilers Wednesday, January 30: Mystery Man Closing In On Katie – Summer Uses Fen – Kerry And Jack’s Baby Argument

Young and the Restless Spoilers Wednesday, January 30: Mystery Man Closing In On Katie - Summer Uses Fen - Kerry And Jack's Baby ArgumentYoung and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, January 30, 2019 reveals Kyle (Michael Mealor) finding Lola (Sasha Calle) at Crimson, mocking that he needs to take a picture of her to prove she even exists. Lola apologizes for being so busy these days, even missing Arturo (Jason Canela) and Abby’s (Melissa Ordway) engagement party. Kyle calms her down, having faith that she will get everything done, suggesting she needs to delegate things to; needing to trust the staff for her own sanity. He invites her out to dinner, promising she won’t blow her chance.

Ana (Loren Lott) and Fen (Zach Tinker) review her lyrics at another table; Fen being impressed with how she comes up with words. She says all he has to do is draw things from his life and print it out; Ana can’t help but notice how everyone’s eyes fall on Summer (Hunter King) when she walks in the coffee house.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victoria And Katie Visit Victor

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) brings Katie to see Victor (Eric Braeden), who is playing chess with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Katie asks if she can play with her imaginary friend as Victor calls her a “ray of sunshine.” Victoria is glad about that since what she is about to tell him isn’t going to make him very happy. Victoria confesses that she worked on plan to let the world know Newman is still running strong, but she feels like she messed up when a reporter kept asking her about JT (Thad Luckinbill) and she lost it during the interview; showing her that Newman was weak and incompetent. He encourages her to look them in the eye and fight right back.

Kerry (Alice Hunter) comes to see Jack (Peter Bergman), revealing she isn’t completely ready to walk away from the idea of having children, but she doesn’t want to walk away from him either. Kerry says she is freezing her eggs as one of many options. She says this is about her future, not Jack’s. She never said anything about having a baby with him.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Lola Shocked To See Summer

Summer walks past Kyle and Lola, hugging Fen; but Lola is surprised Kyle never told her Summer was back in town. Kyle assures her it doesn’t matter since Summer is going to Dubai again. Fen reveals he is working on a follow up song with Ana right now; but they are going to take a break to talk to a “fan”. Ana doesn’t seem to like the exchange between Fen and Summer, but Summer ignores her saying this deserves a real celebration and Summer insists they are going out tonight to celebrate.

Victoria appreciates her father’s support, but honestly feels she blew it. Victor doesn’t want her to feel like she ever has to say a positive word about that monster; he wants to know why Victoria didn’t come to him when this all started with JT. Victoria reminds him that he raised her to be strong and she felt ashamed. Victor reminds her that JT was the failure, not her. Victoria retells what happened that night and thinking how this was the end. Victor again wants to know why they didn’t come to him, even in his diminished state he could have done something. Victoria admits what has transpired has really taken its toll; he wants her to come to him if anything happens. Meanwhile, Katie plays hide n seek with her friend, who is very real because there is a shadow walking down the hall.

Ana breaks up their “party plans”, saying Fen needs to finish writing this song today, but he says his ideas haven’t been inspiring and he throws it back that she wanted him to have an authentic voice and draw things out of his experiences. Summer jumps in saying she has enough stuff that he could use to cover 3 albums; Ana sarcastically says “I’m sure!” Summer stands up but stops at Lola and Kyle’s table making sure Lola knew she spent time with Kyle yesterday, discussing boundaries. Lola appreciates that Kyle turned down dinner with Summer and says they need to not allow Summer to get between them; Lola agrees she can go out for dinner with him tonight but only has 90 minutes.

Ana returns to the penthouse where she is angry. Devon (Bryton James) listens how she feels disrespected by Fen, as he got a little taste of success and now thinks he is done; not putting in any effort. Fen believes he can act like a huge star and now can go clubbing and popping bottles with Summer. Devon trusts Ana’s instincts and if this is how Fen is, he doesn’t need him under the label.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Jack And Kerry Discuss Her Baby Plans

Kerry says having a baby is a non-issue, asking him not to complicate things that could be happening in the far future. He doesn’t want have any false assumptions. Kerry sees their lives going in very many directions. She can see a future of them jet setting as just the two of them; but he thinks its a wonderful thing if there was a child involved as parenthood is the best thing ever; making you a better person. He doesn’t want to stop her from having a baby. Right now, she feels there are no guarantees and she is happy with him, not willing to give that up for an uncertain future. Jack puts his foot down, saying he can’t promise that things will change in a year or two. Kerry leaves, upset.

Victor makes Victoria promise to always come to him when she has a problem. He talks about how proud he is of her for being tough, independent and strong. Victoria says it is him who got her through the rough times, even if he wasn’t physically there; she is the person she is because of him.

Kyle and Lola arrive at the GCAC, where he tells her when two people in love going to dinner to enjoy each other; not beat the clock. Kyle knows that Lola is only thinking about the pop up shop opening tomorrow but as they kiss, Summer and Fen arrive at the bar. Kyle suggests they go somewhere else and if Summer isn’t bothering Kyle, why should she bother Lola.

Ana says she is willing to dig in and see if Fen has anything under his cocky attitude; saying he deserves a little time and effort. Devon feels Fen should appreciate Ana a little more; but he thinks Ana is the one with the real talent between her and Fen. Devon suggests that Ana start singing and recording her own music, something that startles Ana.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Summer Romances Fen

Fen never thought the day would ever come that him and Summer would be on an actual real date. He feels it is mind blowing the whole singing thing but it couldn’t top this date with Summer. He talks about their first kiss in high school as Summer says it was “nice” and he wanted nothing more than to be with her back then. Summer offers him a second chance at that first kiss, Kyle doesn’t look impressed as Lola says it looks like Fen and Summer are skipping dinner and having each other for dessert.

Kerry remains upset at Jabot, but Jack comes off the elevator.

Victoria talks about interviews with Victor setting the limit to 20 minutes and she needs to stick to the points he said. He knows she will do great as she thanks him for always being her rock. Victoria goes to look for Katie who is always having fun with her new special friend.

Summer and Fen continue to kiss and enjoy Tequila shots as Lola thanks Kyle for wine and conversations. She confesses she doesn’t know how to pace herself as kicking back and relaxing isn’t her forte. She talks about seeing herself on the balcony at her first place, how the dining room is packed full of couples and families, filled with laughter and love. Kyle hopes she sees him by her side; but can’t help wonder if she ever sees herself enjoying the journey toward her dream. He worries that she will miss out on some great moments if she continues to work herself to the bone. She orders some alcohol and makes Kyle smile.

Summer wants to get out of there, Fen suggests they go to a club or they could stay there and get a hotel room upstairs. She agrees to have some fun but they need to say “goodbye” to the sad, old couple there. Summer and Kyle jab at each other, but Kyle and Lola are taken aback when Summer reveals she is staying in GC for good!

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Summer Drops A Bomb On Kyle And Lola

Ana feels Devon is biased, but he says she has the voice and the drive. He knows she is his sister but he overheard her working on a song at the piano as it literally stopped him in his tracks. She sings with so much soul and feeling it was incredible. He would love to record her, as he owes it to herself and the world for them to hear that song. She doesn’t want to be back in the spotlight, apologizing saying the song is hers and no one can ever hear it.

Fen and Summer say their good nights, but when they return to the bar; Summer says that she thinks they just need to go home. She begins to laugh and Fen realizes the game she is playing, saying “somethings never change!” Fen tells her she is still that girl he always wanted in high school, the hell on heels, but he isn’t the same guy; but he plans on showing that to her. Fen says he is going home and Summer can get back to him when she is done playing her games.

Lola says one of the perks of the restaurant will be the fact that she can throw out Summer the second she acts up. Kyle loves being with her and listening to her words, he finds it inspiring. Lola doesn’t know what she did to deserve him, and the two tenderly kiss. Kyle tells Lola they blew past their deadline as Lola announces she is off the clock tonight.

Jack doesn’t know where they go from there, not liking how they left things. His brain tells him to walk away but he just can’t do it. He thinks that maybe she is right is to live in the now and see where it takes them. Kerry smiles, saying that is great as Jack says they will give this relationship the chance it deserves. She is completely on board.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Mystery Man Gets Closer To Katie

Victor and Victoria find Katie on the couch who says they were playing hide n seek with her new friend. Victor demands to know who she was talking too as the mysterious man watches the video feeds.

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