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CBS Slammed For Censoring Yellowstone!

CBS execs might want to prepare themselves before they look at social media’s response to Yellowstone. While the Western drama received raves from its fans previously, CBS heavily censored Yellowstone for its network premiere. 

Find out what Yellowstone fans shared in response to the censored version. And keep reading to discover the most obvious edits.

CBS – Censors Yellowstone For Network Debut

On Sunday, September 17, CBS began what the network thought seemed like the perfect way to fill the autumn schedule gap caused by the writers’ and actors’ strikes.

And so it premiered Yellowstone. However, fans quickly noticed that the Western drama created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson differed from the version originally aired on Paramount+. That distinction stems from network restrictions, according to TV Insider.

CBS Slammed For Censoring Yellowstone!

And soon after the season one premiere aired, fans headed to social media to vent about the censored version of the Dutton family’s story.

However, even before it aired, one fan prepared for what network restrictions might mean for Yellowstone. “Curious to see how @CBS edits out the profanity in @Yellowstone,” commented the alert fan. 

But then came the complaints after the broadcast. For example, one wrote, “If you’re new and watching #yellowstone, don’t watch. They edited out too many funny scenes and kept all the legal drama. The @cbs version is missing the barnyard scenes with the workers.” 

Yellowstone – Fans Slam CBS

And another fan wrote sarcastically, “Way to go CBS for editing Yellowstone. So what you gonna do edit and censor 3/4 of the show now. Why does this country continue to censor shows and songs on the radio when kids now these days watch and listen to music that has every word you can think of.”

Edited love scenes also sparked criticism. And another viewer complained, “Already cut to bits.” But some recommended undoing the edits. For example, one fan cautioned, “Nobody is excited about watered down reruns. Negotiate a fair deal and bring back television before you lose all of your viewers.”

In its edits, CBS focused on taking out explicit language. And the network also censored certain scenes.

For example, Kelly Reilly‘s Beth Dutton seemingly underwent some digital changes for the disrobing scene with Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). And the following sex scene underwent changes to keep it more modest.

However, a spokesperson for CBS clarified that the network did need to make certain changes to accommodate CBS’ Broadcast Standards.

But the rep claimed that the edits consisted of “minor” changes. And the spokesperson promised, “And the integrity of the original series will be preserved.”

CBS also insisted that no automated dialogue replacement would take place. And instead, the network chose to mute the explicit language. Meanwhile, the second part of Yellowstone’s fifth and last season remains on hold as a result of the actors’ and writers’ strikes. 

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about CBS censoring Yellowstone? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more TV news.

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