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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Is Krista Allen Leaving B&B?

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for next week seem to have Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) trying to get their romance back on track. This seems to leave Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) out in the cold. Does this mean Taylor and Krista are leaving the show?

The Bold And The Beautiful  Spoilers – Taylor Hayes Still Wants To Be With Ridge Forrester

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Taylor still wants to be with Ridge and has done quite a bit to try to make that happen. However, so far, Taylor’s efforts have not worked out the way she planned. Taylor has tried several times to hook Brooke up with someone else which would have given her a straight shot at Ridge but that failed.

Taylor also went to Ridge and told him how much she wanted to be with him even though she and Brooke had a pact to stay away from him. Taylor chose to give Ridge every reason why Brooke was wrong for him and why he deserved better. Of course, Taylor and Ridge were interrupted before he could give her his thoughts on the subject.

Krista Allen

B&B Spoilers – Brooke Logan Opened Up To Ridge Forrester

Brooke has stuck with their plan and refused to sleep with Ridge when he wanted to spend the night at her house. Brooke had dinner with Ridge one time and nothing more. Ridge was truly bothered when Brooke sent him home to his dad’s house that night when he told her how much he missed her. Ridge was truly sorry for what he had done.

However, Brooke didn’t want to be defined by a man. Brooke put her friendship with Taylor above her hopes of being with Ridge. Brooke even went on a couple of dates to see if she could move on from Ridge and find someone else. However, Brooke was just not comfortable and she certainly didn’t want a relationship with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan). Brooke has certainly proven herself on that point.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Where Does Taylor Hayes Go From Here?

Now that Ridge and Brooke seem to be reuniting, will Taylor stay in town or go off to save the world through her work again? Taylor has her family in Los Angeles but could she stand to be in the same town with Ridge and Brooke? Will Taylor feel better if she packs up and leaves instead of attempting to stick around any longer?

Krista has brought a lot to Taylor and her friendship with Brooke has been interesting. However, Taylor and Brooke are no longer friends. Can Taylor find another man in Los Angeles and stick around for her family? Fans have grown to love Krista’s portrayal of Taylor and want her to stick around. Are Krista and Taylor here to stay or is it time for Taylor to cut her losses and move on?

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  1. Susanna Culberson says

    I’ve felt Taylor needs to go off show,she kinda behaving out in left field.

  2. Renee says

    You are a clown. Brooke needs to finally leave. This destiny crap is beyond boring and over done. Just move on already.

  3. Sandy says

    I think Ridge needs a new woman in his life. Brooke should go back to Bill. Taylor should be with her children and possibly either Deacon or bring back Ridges brother in a sexy new character for Taylor.

  4. Gwen Dixon says

    After today’s show, I am done with bold and beautiful. What a messed up show now and I cannot stand Brook. Why is Taylor always getting left out???? You enjoy your show because I am done.

  5. Norma says

    Taylar needs to leave the show completely. She does not fit other than being Steffy and Thomas Mother. She is just a messy meddler. Ridge dies nit want her and she was part of the reason Rudge was nit with Brooke. She was attempting to marry him under a lie and if that would have happened Ridge definitely was going to leave. He left her at the alter because she knew what Thomas had done to Brooke and thought it was a way to get him and marry him. Taylar is desperate for a man and desperate women become conniving and deceitful. Get her off the show or put another man on the show gir her. She simply no longer fits on the show. Never liked her character other than being the Parent and Grandparent she looks desperate, acts desperate and pretended the whole time to be friends with Brooke but all the time was stabbing her in the back trying to get Ridge.

    Go away Taylar!!!

  6. Sissy says

    Taylor needs to be with Deacon or leave the show not a big fan

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