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Coronation Street Spoilers: Ryan Connor Coronation Has Sepsis

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Ryan Connor, played by Ryan Prescott, gets diagnosed with sepsis in a recent episode.

In a new narrative for Ryan’s character, he is now facing another health crisis. As we may recall, Ryan saved Daisy (played by Charlotte Jordan) from an acid attack. He suffered the injuries instead of her.

And as he recovers, Daisy tries to cheer him up. She felt guilty because she thinks she’s the reason why Ryan is suffering. Although he saved her, it was Ryan’s choice to help her. And the only person who should be held liable for all this is Justin (played by Andrew Still), who did the acid attack.

Coronation Street: Ryan Connor

Apart from being there to support him, Daisy also went over the edge and even pretended to be Crystal (played by Erin Austen), who is a DJ in Ibiza that Ryan really likes.

But Ryan is kind of aware that Daisy is pretending to be Crystal and he wants her to come clean. It made him even feel worse because he doesn’t need to be tricked just to be happy.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Another Bad News For Ryan Connor

After being confined in the hospital, he is now diagnosed with sepsis. Sepsis is an extreme response of your body when you have an infection. This is a serious medical emergency. Most people can recover from this, but this condition causes about 50,000 deaths per year in the UK alone.

Daisy was still concerned with Ryan. Apart from guilt, she probably just shows gratitude because he saved her. And then she noticed that Ryan still doesn’t look well. At one point, Ryan even went to the bathroom because he needed to throw up.

When he was alone in the flat, Ryan sent Crystal a voice message, which was obviously received by Daisy, who is pretending to be Crystal. They were alarmed as Ryan passed out and left her a voice message.

Daisy and Daniel (played by Rob Mallard) immediately went to the flat and found Ryan unconscious. Ryan was rushed to the hospital and he was diagnosed with sepsis. After he was diagnosed, Daisy came clean about pretending to be Crystal. She meant no harm and just wanted to cheer him up.

For the episode about Ryan’s sepsis, the show partnered up with UK Sepsis Trust. Coronation Street always tries to provide accurate representation when it comes to diseases and social issues. And it’s a great way to spread awareness.

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