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How Did Jennifer Garner Make Her Millions?

Ever heard of actress Jennifer Garner, aka the girl next door? Well, she’s a multi-millionaire. How did that happen? How Much Did Jennifer Garner Make On the TV Show “Alias”

When You Think Jennifer Garner, What Comes To Mind Is The Opposite Of What A Controversial Celebrity Usually Is.

She’s an inspiration and one of the best role models Hollywood can produce. And she’s worth $80 million. However, she didn’t get there by sitting still and looking pretty; she worked for her cash, hard!

She earned the dough through years of acting, lucrative endorsements, a successful brand, and some Ben Affleck settlement money – but that’s like nothing compared to the millions she made on her own might, before and after Ben Affleck.

While her starting price on “Alias” was a humble $40,000 per episode (or roughly $1 million per season), the show soon became so popular that her paycheck was bumped up to $150,000 per episode by the time it ended, according to a report published by Entertainment Weekly.

How Did Jennifer Garner Make Her Millions?

The show ran from 2001 to 2006, with Garner playing the lead character, Sydney Bristow. Fun fact: the main characters on the sitcom “Friends” was taking home $1 million per episode.

For one of her most famous movies, “13 Going On 30,” Garner brought in a $3 million payday, and while that’s a sweet amount to make on a project, she earned her career high working on 2007’s “The Kingdom” for $7 million. Yep, jaw-dropping.

Inside Jennifer Garner’s Endorsement Deals And Brand Once Upon A Farm

You know by now that you if you stick Garner’s face to a product, you’d very much likely start selling the product immediately. Brands know this, and that is why Neutrogena, Capital One, and others have partnered with the A-lister in lucrative mouthwatering deals.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Garner likely had a 5-year deal worth $15-20 million for her work with Mercedes. And guess what? She has her own brand, and unlike most other celebs that go into the beauty industry, perfume, merch, wine, etc., she opted to go for the one thing that she said she’s very enthusiastic about: the farm.

No, not that kind of farm. Once Upon A Farm is a line of fruit drinks that’s organic, healthy, and with diary and sugar-free lines.

Garner herself revealed that the business is beautifully growing. “The business has grown a lot. As a matter of fact, when we were here last time we were less than $1 million a year and now by the end of this year we’re in the $100 million dollars,” she said in 2022.

Other areas that factor into that $80 million we told you of earlier include the profit she and then-hubby Ben Affleck made selling their LA mansion. They bought it for $17.55 million back in the day and sold it to Adam Levine for $32 million amid their split in 2018. That’s a profit of $14.5 million.

These days, Garner and her kids live in a more modest $7.9 million home that she built in Brentwood.

Then there’s the divorce settlement, but we can’t confirm how much she walked away with. PEOPLE says it’s likely in the millions.

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