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Coronation Street Spoilers: Peter Barlow Gets Back On The Transplant List

Coronation Street Spoilers: Peter Barlow Gets Back On The Transplant ListCoronation Street spoilers and updates reveals we will have Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) hoping for the best for his health in upcoming episodes.

Peter has been ill due to his damaged liver because of alcohol abuse. Corrie viewers have witnessed Peter’s dramatic life that whenever he’s up for something good in the soap, it’s always followed with trouble. After he finally married the love of his life, Carla Barlow (Alison King), Peter was rushed to the hospital and was told by the doctors that his only chance to live is to have a transplant.

His only way to find a donor is to be on the transplant list. Most recently, he had his hopes high when he was told a liver had finally been available for him. However, his joy was short-lived just the last minute before he should have undergone surgery when it was revealed the liver isn’t matched to him.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Wasting His Only Hope

When Peter was still in the hospital, his son Simon Barlow (Sam Robertson) tried to visit him. However, one of Harvey’s thugs knew Simon came out of the hiding and tried to catch Simon. Peter, as a father, protected his son at the expense of his health and fought the thug so he could buy time for Simon to escape safely.

However, the hospital perceived Peter wasn’t serious enough about his health and so they removed him from the list completely.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Back To Square One

But Peter will finally receive the good news that he is going back on the transplant list. Grateful for the second chance, Peter tells Adam and then Carla about the news.

The Barlows have Peter’s support for this journey, however, the members react differently to Peter’s latest news. It’s written all over Carla’s face that she wants to remain positive, but still worries it might not happen so soon.

Adam eats lunch with Daniel (Rob Mallard) in Speed Daal. The two debates whether to make themselves a sacrifice as living donors for Peter. However, Adam is reluctant about it.

Coronation Street Spoilers – In A Parallel Universe

“Coronation Street” teen star Alex Bain has recently revealed his on-screen father Peter Barlow helped him with his worries with fatherhood years ago.

Alex had worked with Chris longer than anybody else on the soap. Alex previously played Peter’s son Simon in 2018. The actor revealed he did all his acting training after he started on Coronation Street to which his co-star Chris has been his guide.

The teen star became a father to Lydia-Rose when he was 17 years old in December 2018. “He [Chris] has always looked after me in real life as well. When I had a child, I was worrying at the start, and Chris was there alongside my family to help,” Alex told Inside Soap Magazine.

“I can’t describe Chris in any other way than as being truly amazing, and one of the most talented actors I’ve ever met,” he added.

The teen father has now settled into fatherhood and is being intentional with watching her daughter grow during the lockdown.

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