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General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Jerome Going Down For Mary Pat’s Murder?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Jerome Going Down For Mary Pat's Murder?General Hospital spoilers tease that Commissioner Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) will soon start connecting the dots between the two recent holiday murders with one common thread: Ava Jerome (Maura West)! First, on Halloween, Mary Pat Ingles’ (Patricia Bethune) decapitated torso was found in Ava’s art gallery, clutching Carly Corinthos’ (Laura Wright) hair in her hand.

Jordan saw through that frame-up right away, but there were still questions as to why the body was found in Ava’s gallery, to which Ava had no explanation. Jordan knows that Ava herself would not have had the surgical skill or the strength to commit the murder herself, but could have had an accomplice or ordered a hit. Ava and Carly are known enemies, and Ava could have tried to make it look like Carly was the killer.

General Hospital Spoilers – Ava On Jordan’s Radar?

Now Ava’s older daughter Kiki Jerome has been murdered on Thanksgiving, and her body placed in Jordan’s own honeymoon suite aboard the Haunted Star! Ava’s longstanding feuds with Kiki are well known, starting with mother and daughter first both involved with Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) and later Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen)!

Evidence in the form of a large knife used to stab Kiki to death was found in a closet in Griffin’s apartment, and both Jordan’s good friend Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Griffin’s attorney Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) pointed out that whoever killed Kiki wanted to frame Griffin for it. After all, as Alexis pointed out, if he were guilty, why would Griffin encourage the police to search his apartment if he had hidden the murder weapon in it; that makes no sense!

There are more common threads to the murders than Ava being involved, of course; both victims were female, knives were used in each case, and each case seemed to involve a frame attempt of another person. Carly is a known enemy of Ava, and also could have had motive to murder Mary Pat, although why she would when she was no longer in Ferncliff doesn’t quite make sense.

General Hospital Spoilers – Kiki Murder Points To Ava Too

However, if Ava had known this information she could have used it to frame Carly for Mary Pat’s murder. Since Ava also seems to have tried to frame Griffin for Kiki’s murder, it makes some sense for police to suspect Ava. Her feuds are very public and very vindictive, and until the true killer is revealed, Ava stands a good chance of being tied to both murders!

Keep watching General Hospital and checking General Hospital spoilers frequently to see if Ava comes to trial, or if her evil boyfriend Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is exposed before any murder trial of Ava has a chance to start!

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