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Dance Moms Alum Abby Lee Miller Drops Todd Chrisley Bombshell!

Reality TV stars have increasingly gone from smiling at the cameras to receiving guilty verdicts for fraud. And those verdicts typically mean leaving their luxurious lifestyles for prison cells (ahem, Jen Shah!). For instance, Dance Moms alum Abby Lee Miller went through that painful scenario.

And now the Dance Moms alum has dropped a bombshell about her unexpected link to Chrisley Knows Best alum Todd Chrisley. Find out what Abby Lee shared about the Chrisley Knows Best alum. And learn what she predicted for Todd’s future in prison below.

Dance Moms – Alum Abby Lee Miller Dishes On Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley sent an email to Dance Moms alum Abby Lee Miller prior to his 12-year prison sentence. And Miller shared that she often sent him direct messages prior to the Chrisley Knows Best star moving from his mansion to life behind bars at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida. Although Todd’s wife, Julie Chrisley, has begun serving her prison sentence of seven years at Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky, the Dance Moms alum told the Sun that her correspondence focused on Todd. 

Dance Moms

“I used to DM [Todd Chrisley] all the time,” revealed Abby. “And he never responded. Never responded. Then, all of a sudden, I get this big, long email saying, ‘I didn’t know people could send me messages. I never looked at these DMs. I didn’t even know what this is about. I’m so sorry I never got back to you.'”

However, Miller also reflected on her views about Chrisley getting convicted. And she pointed out, “Well, he was always going on about financial institutions and people that were coming after him. His local government – always talking about that, which I found odd.” But the situation went beyond “odd” when a Georgia grand jury indicted the Chrisleys in 2019. And additional news and charges about financial crimes followed. 

Dance Moms – Alum Abby Lee Miller ‘Had No Clue’ Prior To Prison

But then Abby compared her own situation to Todd’s and Julie’s scandal. And she noted the contrasts. “When this was all brewing, I thought, you know, something is up because if the government’s investigating you, you don’t know it,” shared the Dance Moms alum. “When I was indicted by the U.S. government, it came as a complete whoosh, smack in the face. I had no clue that I had done anything wrong. And I say that I still don’t.”

Abby also revealed her views on how Todd and Julie will do in prison. And Miller feels that the Chrisley Knows Best alums will do just fine. Parents of Lindsie Chrisley, 33, Kyle Chrisley, 31, Chase Chrisley, 26, Savannah Chrisley, 25, and Grayson, 16, Todd and Julie showed their “funny” and “humorous” side on their reality TV show, according to the Dance Moms alum.

And Abby believes that Todd and Julie likely enjoyed a “warm welcome” from other prisoners. The Dance Moms alum feels that the Chrisley Knows Best alums will learn how to use their resources. But she teased, “Todd is not going to be able to handle, you know, the soap and the cheap generic shampoo and conditioner and the food. Because he’s a little posh. [But] Julie, she’ll be just fine.”

Abby’s analysis comes after she lived for eight-and-a-half months in a California prison in 2017. Her initial conviction of bankruptcy fraud consisted of 366 days. But the Dance Moms alum now feels grateful that she did not need to serve the full term. 

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Dance Moms alum Abby Lee Miller seems correct in her predictions for the Chrisley Knows Best couple? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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