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Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Sometimes Tries To Calm ‘Hot-Headed’ Prince William

It’s not easy being married to the future king of England, and if there’s anyone who knows that all too well, it’s most definitely Kate Middleton.

There’s a new report that suggests it’s Kate who always tries to calm her “hot-headed” husband Prince William when the going gets rough – and it certainly does often, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Sometimes Tries To Calm ‘Hot-Headed’ Prince William

Royal expert Tom Quinn recently told Fox News in an interview that it’s the Princess of Wales who tries to keep calm and carry on, even when everyone is anything but calm. While her husband Prince William is certainly known for his temper, if there’s anyone that can help pipe him down, it’s his wife and only his wife.

Quinn put it this way, “Kate is very much the calm one. William is the one who’s a bit hotheaded. We see an example of that in Harry’s book… But Kate is very level-headed. She’s the one who will pour oil on troubled waters and go, ‘Let’s not stir things up.”

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Sometimes Tries To Calm ‘Hot-Headed’ Prince William

Quinn went on to say that while Meghan Markle has often complained about the way that the British press has treated her, things were no different for Kate Middleton in the past and before the Duchess of Sussex was even in the picture. He said, “I remember when the press was so horrible to Kate.

They said because her mother was a stewardess, as it used to be called in those days, no one would invite the family to any events where there was anyone of significance present. The press would remark how she was descended from working-class people, which is an absolutely cruel thing to say.”

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But the one difference between Kate and Meghan is the fact that Kate has never addressed these issues in the same way that her sister-in-law has.

Quinn continued, “Kate never responded. She didn’t complain. She didn’t write letters to the press or ring in the editors. She said nothing. And that was a good move. She illustrated how calm she was about those things and didn’t make a fuss. And then, it vanished. Kate and Meghan [Markle] got the same nasty press coverage.

But in Meghan’s case, she complained that it was unfair, it was unkind, it was horrible. That only keeps the story alive for weeks. In Kate’s case, she ignored it. She’s very wise for it. And I think when she gets into any rows with William, she does the same – she just ignores it.”

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