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Royal Family News: Oprah Winfrey Turns On Prince Harry and Meghan With Her Take On The Coronation?

British royal family news shows that Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry rocked the world with their infamous 2021 interview in which the royal runaways vented spleen about their families.

The drama born of that 90 minute mud fest continues: Meghan’s sister is suing her for defamation, the royals distrust the couple more than ever, and Oprah’s rep took a hit after aligning herself with the Hollywood Hoboes.

A lot has happened since then, the toxic couple have spewed more venom then a den of rattlers via Harry’s trashy memoir Spare and their trashy Netflix reality show.

In an interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby, Harry was asked about his father’s May 6 coronation, and he replied, “The ball is in their court. There’s a lot to be discussed, and I really hope that they are willing to sit down and talk about it.” Maybe Bradley should have asked instead, “what would Oprah do?” well, now we know.

Royal Family News: Oprah Winfrey Turns On Prince Harry and Meghan With Her Take On The Coronation?

Royal Family News: Oprah And Harry and Meghan

Oprah talked to her CBS Morning bestie Gayle King, who asked the talk meister what she thinks about the thirsty pair attending King Charles’ coronation. King started, “It’s been reported that Harry and Meghan have received an invitation to the coronation. Do you think they should go? Do you think they should not go? Is it something you’d like to comment on?”

Cool as a cucumber, Oprah responded, “I think they should do what they feel is best for them and for their family. That’s what I think. That’s what the bottom line — it comes down to: What do you feel like is the best thing for you?”

Royal Family News: Oprah and Charles’ Coronation

Come on, did you really think Oprah would say something like what she really thinks? That response was pure politician. Then she added something a bit more spicy and a lot more revealing: “They haven’t asked me my opinion.”

A source told People, “It is such a momentous occasion for Charles, and he would want his son to be at the coronation to witness it. He would like to have Harry back in the family. If they don’t sort it out, it will always be part of the King’s reign and how he has left his family disjointed. He has had a reputation as a distant parent, and it would be awful for him for that to continue.”

Royal Family News: King Charles’ Coronation May 6

Oprah initially supported Meghan and Prince Harry’s decision to ditch the monarchy, and later gave them a forum to air their petty grievances. Her tepid statement about the couple and the coronation is in sharp contrast to what she told TMZ in 2020: “I support them 1,000 percent. You know why I support them?

I support them because I believe, when you have thought about this as long as they have — and even in the Queen’s statement [she] says, ‘This has been going on for months,’ these discussions have been going on for months — and when Harry said in that charity statement the other day [that] he had to make the decision to move forward in peace with his new family, who doesn’t feel what that takes to make that decision to give up everything you’ve known your whole life to say I’m going to choose this new life or what I believe to be the truest vision for myself?”

Tell us royal fans, is Oprah the latest person burned by the Markles, is that why she isn’t “supporting” them in the coronation drama?

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  1. Michael Toohey says

    Oprah is a has been, racist and her views are elitist based and is not a patriotic American. Wouldn’t take her corrupt beliefs or advice. Been playing the public for years. Con Lady?

    1. Sherry says

      absolutely and totally agree with you 1,000%

  2. Maryjane says

    Oprah used Harry and Megan to make money for herself. She could care less what happens to Harry and Megan. They should stay home. No one in the family wants to talk to them because H and M will write about it putting their own “spin” on what was said.

    1. ShanLee says

      She COULDN’T care less.

  3. Kat says

    They BOTH need to put on thier adult UNDERWEAR & move forward!!!

    I shudder to think what thier childern will say about them later in life?

    It’s Karma …. what you SOW is what you REAP!!!

  4. Lisa says

    First Oprah didn’t interview all she did was give them a platform and was the show jester with her comments like WHAAAT!! Scarry and TW have no clue and are so nonsensical that it won’t be noticed if the are or aren’t there. They can have our awful president tell them to go and it won’t matter over here in America. They have no one here that’s famous. All we care is that The King Queen Consort, the Prince & Princess of Wales and their children and the other working Royals are front and center.

    1. Sue says

      I care more for Harry, and his family more than the rest of tbe family! Harry got the short end if the stick, and that is not right! Boo to Prince Willam!

  5. Gram says

    OW ——narcissistic weasel ????? Too full of herself.

  6. Ananda says

    Oprah lost a lot of fan’s respect when she gave them a platform to talk about the RF. At the time she didn’t realize all the lies they told but she sure should have known afterwards when someone fact checked what they said. Harry stabbed her in the back during a recent interview telling him that they never said his family was racist. The public doesn’t look at her the way they used to. Now we see heras part of the problem with being woke. We’re not able to believe she has integrity & that she’s not just another tabloid reporter trying to get more ratings. It’s going to be hard for to be seen as she once was she once was but that’s her own fault for getting involved with them in the first place!

  7. noellastober says

    The drama just continues on and it gets worse on a daily basis. H&M need money, and big bucks at that They are referred to as the Markles, what a shame that is. It shows H is not the man of the family, M is. She just wants everything and the mega mega millions she thought he was worth. The finances slapped her in the face big time. Time will run out and they will not be together Money, money, money and power, that is all she wants with or without him. Ugly situation and I hope they do not go to the coronation. She should keep her happy ass home as she is not welcomed.

    1. Ande says

      H & M make me want to puke ! Who do they think they are ? I wish to God that Charles would tell them to take a.hike with their demands to be included on the Palace Balcony with the rest of the ROYAL FAMILY! They gave up & quit the Firm, spread & spewed slanderous allegations against the family & now think they can just walk right in & DEMAND to be included in the procession with the working Royals ? Charles needs to stand firm & tell them Hell No !!!!!!

  8. Roberta says

    Isn’t it ironic that H and M are not wanted in either country. How is it that the people can see for themselves that she is a professional gold digger and he is a dimwit fool for letting her lead him around by his dandy p***s!!!

  9. Catherine Dessert says

    Everyone puts their 2 cents worth about Megan, Harry,the Royal family and Oprah. No one lives with any of them 24/7. So no one can really know what’s going on in their lives. Speculation is just gossip. And gossip can very often turn into lies and slander. Everyone needs to step back and just let all of thes

  10. mary bronson says

    Who made oprah God? I could care less what she says. I could say a lot of things about her, but they would all be negative. I don’t watch anything that she is involved in

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