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Royal Family News: Prince William Loyal To Diana, Refuses To Bow To Queen Camilla?

British royal family news reveals that Queenzilla Camilla has ruffled a few feathers among royal watchers and maybe even some members of the royal family.

Let’s face it, some Brits will never forgive her for what they perceive as her ruining the late Princess Diana’s fairytale—her marriage to King Charles.

So, all eyes were on Camilla during the May 6 coronation and reports from that day keep leaking out, news that doesn’t make Camilla look great. Let’s dissect that the juice is all about.

Royal Family News: Camilla Changed Her Title

A body language expert told The Mirror that on that historic day Charles’ son and heir Prince William did not bow to the newly crowned Queen Camilla.

Royal Family News: Prince William Loyal To Diana, Refuses To Bow To Queen Camilla?

According to Marie Claire, the expert thought it was a blatant “example of the Prince of Wales following his gut instinct and potentially subconsciously siding with his late mother, Princess Diana.”

Let’s not mistake this one move as something minor, it clearly was a break in royal protocol. Body language expert Judi James sees the love as reflective of the fact that “William might have found it unnatural to bow to his stepmother, who had an extramarital affair with his father, King Charles, throughout the majority of his marriage to Diana.”

Royal Family News: Camilla and Charles’ Affair

The Mirror noted that William was not the only one snubbing Queenzilla Camilla as MOST of the royal family “bowed or curtseyed to the King only.” But since royal protocol has it that royals of a lower rank must bow or curtsy to those of a higher rank, “William and basically all of the other members of the royal family should have bowed or curtseyed to the new Queen.”

Royal Family News: Camilla Is Queen And Don’t You Forget It

James is on the record as asking: “Would William have felt comfortable bowing to the woman who took the place of his mother on the throne of the U.K.? He turns to look at his father but avoids looking at his stepmother.”

She then referred to this non-bow as “a unique example of selective bowing.” Royal fans also noted that noted that William’s two eldest children Prince George and Princess Charlotte also did not bow or curtsy to Camilla.

What do you think is going on here royal fans, innocent oversights or a deep dislike for Camilla?

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  1. noellastober says

    William was appropriate in not bowing to Camilla and he should not even call her queen in my opinion Camilla stole Diana’s husband and he , the king, totally betrayed his wife, even before he married her. A creep does that If all he ever wanted was a child from Diana, Charles should have been man enough to say so ahead of time because if Diana was not interested in his plan, Charles had millions of women who would have. Charles and Camilla have no respect for themselves because of their actions years ago. You cannot teach morals if you never had them yourself.

    1. Delores Perry says

      I have to agree with you here.

  2. Delores Perry says

    I’m surprised to read this. William isn’t bowing to the Queen Consort? I understand how he must feel. The QC came between his parents. But,….she’s still the Queen.

  3. Elaine says

    I agree with William and Kate also. I am not from England but I think that he should have lost the ability to be King

    1. Phyllis says

      No one can remove The kings ability to Rule! No one has that power! He was born to be king, from his mother the Queen, who was the daughter of a king who was a son of a King etc etc etc ! This is not a movie! The Crown of England goes back to William the Conqueror in 1066! King Charles , Diana and Camilla were legally married! Camilla is the Queen Consort, Diana is sadly deceased,! She was a beautiful aristocrat! They were both incompatible! Both took lovers and unfortunately the Beautiful Diana died in a car accident! Name calling and insults are out of order! Charles Windsor is a good man, will be a good King and an excellent parent and grandparent ! He has served his country and will lead with humility and justice!

  4. Phyllis says

    William is the son of a king , grandson of a queen and a heritage that’s goes back for centuries! The British monarchy goes back to William the conqueror in 1066! For those who have no idea of who he is and his his fathers right to be king have to idea what they are talking about! Diana was the daughter of a Earl! Camilla has a family heritage that also goes back in History too! Both these ladies were aristocrats! Marriages often don’t last, and some of the people who are calling the King’s Consort names are also divorced! Diana was a beautiful sympathetic and talented lady! She too had multiple lovers including one of her minders, who was removed from the Royal protection unit! I am not trying to insult the memory of Diana, but facts are facts! Jesus said to the accusers, “ of Mary Magdalene “let those who cast the first stone be without sin.”there was none! We know that Diana was also unfaithful very early on! She also had issues too! The two Royal Princes know that, but also remember her a loving mother! Camilla was also a mother and had children who suffered immeasurable hurt and heartbreak! The king is the rightful King of England, and the father of the next King of England! That is a fact! The three people who are mentioned , King Charles, Princess Diana the the Consort, all are guilty of the same offence! The King did not kill Diana Spenser, her lovers driver did! William had a right to not bow to his fathers Consort! It is not about not liking Camilla, it is about loving his late mother! My email address is correct!’

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