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Royal Family News: Prince William Wishes Prince Harry Never Again Show His Face in the UK, Feels “Betrayed”

British royal family news shows that Prince William is feeling the effects of three years of being trashed by his brother Dirty Harry and SIL Meghan Markle.

The royal runaways left the palace in a huff and a puff after not being able to blow it down and have acted like hyenas who will bray at any moon, real or imagined, since Megxit.

Now one royal source is coming to William’s defense, giving a glimpse into the fresh ell he has been put through in recent years, and likely many more before that when the Ginge and Whinge show lived rent free in the UK on the taxpayer’s dime.

Royal Family News: William Feels Betrayed

It’s no secret that Harry and Meghan have had an agenda since their royal exodus in 2020. They immediately began throwing accusations at his family, crying about losing their adult allowance and in Meghan’s case not being able to wear bright colors. Some people really do suffer in this world.

Royal Family News: Prince William Wishes Prince Harry Never Again Show His Face in the UK, Feels “Betrayed”

GeoTv reports that “An inside source close to The Daily Beast, revealed that William is “feeling absolutely done” with Prince Harry and his traitorous disloyalty.

The source spilled that William feels “completely betrayed” by Harry who leaked private family emails in his trash memoir titled Spare, and threw mud on the monarchy in multiple interviews with Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey has seemed to distance herself from the Terrible Two after being caught up in the mud flung by H and M.

Royal Family News: William and Harry on the Outs

She recently went on record to give her opinion as to whether or not the Markles should attend King Charles’ coronation. The crowning ceremony occurs May 6, the same day as the couple’s son’s birthday.

Oprah sweetly said that such a decision is up to them. She then coyly added that they had not asked her about the decision, indicating that she has nothing to do with the tacky pair.

Royal Family News: Oprah Off Limits?

The source added that Prince William’s “limited level of patience” is almost exhausted since he feels “utterly betrayed” by Dirty Prince Harold, The Spare.

According to the source, William detests what Harry, “has done to the family in the books and interviews.”

As a result, William, “will support whatever decision his dad makes but it’s no secret he would prefer it if Harry wasn’t [at the coronation], or, indeed, never stepped foot in England again.”

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  1. Tojuana77 says

    I’m so tired of hearing about what William want and don’t want if Harry and Megan were concerned about William they wouldn’t have left in the first place. The whole situation just goes to show what a terrible King William would make he can’t even get over the small things between him and his brother could you really imagine him running a whole country.

  2. Edit Teona says

    You’ve never had a dirty brother do that to you! Harry is still going to continue to have up stories! Dummy, that’s the ONLY way he earns MONEY now. They said since he quit. They won’t pay him no more. He was only embarrassing the family anyway. Just wants to play the pity card anyway he can!

  3. Gina says

    Prince William does not have one ounce of compassion – he will rule like a dictator. People in England best wake up .
    William and Charles both had affairs. We know about Charles & Camilla and we have seen what was reported about William.
    If Charles wants Harry there, he should allow him on the balcony – if they refuse and I was Harry I would not go. If he is going to be treated like an outsider.
    Charles is making rules that the queen would not approve of.
    Frogmore was a wedding gift what right does Charles have to take it away.

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