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Royal Family News: Why Was King Charles Forced To Give Prince Edward His New Title?

Royal Family News says that King Charles was probably forced to give his little brother Prince Edward his new title. As many fans know by now, Edward and his wife Sophie have just been given the titles as the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh and apparently there’s a reason behind it, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Why Was King Charles Forced To Give Prince Edward His New Title?

While on his Palace Confidential talk show, royal expert and author Richard Eden suggests that King Charles didn’t have any plans to give anyone in family any titles at all, but had no choice when his son Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to announce their daughter’s name as Princess Lilibet on her baptism certificate.

And because Lilibet and her brother Archie now have public titles, King Charles felt like he had to give Prince Edward and his wife Sophie their titles too, just because of optics.

Royal Family News: Why Was King Charles Forced To Give Prince Edward His New Title?

This, of course, wasn’t part of the plan at all as the King of England has always made it pretty clear that he wants to operate with a “slimmed down monarchy,” meaning that he just wants a handful of senior royals to do all of the work.

Eden put it this way, “It was a big deal and I really think that was behind it.”

He also said that Prince Edward has long waited for his title and that it was something that was promised to him by his parents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. But Charles apparently didn’t see it this same way. He thinks that the only people that really matter in the monarchy right now are himself, Queen Camilla and of course, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Royal Family News – King Charles Doesn’t Want This To Happen Again

So far Buckingham Palace hasn’t made any comments about the matter, but seeing how King Charles is none too pleased with Harry and Meghan’s move here, there’s a good chance that he’ll probably try and stay two steps ahead of the couple to avoid having this happen again.

Before you know it, Harry and Meghan are probably going to demand a new place somewhere on the grounds of Windsor Castle and then everyone is going to want a bigger place to live in, too. Watch this space.

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