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Royal Family POLL: Would You Read Prince Andrew’s Tell-All Memoir?

If Prince Harry can do it, then certainly other members of the royal family can do it, too. Royal Family News suggests that Prince Andrew might take a page out of the Duke of Sussex’s book and write a tell-all memoir himself.

After all, he’s still very keen about telling his side of the story about all of those sexual assault allegations. That, and he probably wants to put a little fire under King Charles’ you-know-what by threatening to spill all of his brother’s dirty little secrets as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family POLL: Would You Read Prince Andrew’s Tell-All Memoir?

As many royal fans know by now, Prince Harry certainly didn’t hold back in his memoir, Spare. He let the world know that he had a nasty fight with Prince William that resulted in him landing in a dog bowl on the kitchen floor.

Not only that, but he also threw Kate Midldeton and Camilla Parker Bowles under the bus and suggested that King Charles was emotionally unavailable while he was growing up. He certainly didn’t paint the royal family in a good light and as a result, everyone now refuses to speak to him, let alone stand in the same room as him.

Royal Family POLL: Would You Read Prince Andrew’s Tell-All Memoir?

With that said, there’s a possibility that Prince Andrew might do the same and write his own book. At this point, he doesn’t have anything to lose. His popularity is at an all-time low. His brother, King Charles, doesn’t respect him and is trying to kick him out of the Royal Lodge.

And unfortunately, his reputation has been tarnished thanks to his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew wants to turn all of this around and write a book in the hopes that he will be just as successful as his nephew, Harry.

But whether or not anyone would be willing to read what the Duke of York has to say is another matter in itself. Would you read Andrew’s book? Let us know in the comments section below.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Prince Andrew?

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  1. Beverly Lawson says

    Prince Andrew will simply add to his already
    Negative image if he keeps talking about it.

  2. Judy Rooney says

    I would read neither Andrew’s nor Harry’s books, assuming Andrew actually writes one. The whiners need to grow up.

  3. Pam Pozniak says

    I didn’t read Harry’s book and sure won’t read Andrew’s.
    Both these entitled man/child need to live in the real world. Maybe then they would appreciate what they have.

  4. Donna says

    Will not waste my money on another book on the Royals! They mean absolutely nothing to the USA they can do each other in and reflect on where they’re after it’s all over!

  5. Brenda says

    I would most definitely read prince Andrew’s book!!!.Really do not have to read Harry’s as most everything Harry has done and said tells me all Harry is doing is trying to deal with his emotions related to how poorly he was raised. If his mother had lived many things would have been different bit then had she lived poor Charles and his concubin could not have married not would Camilla be Queen you know all she has schemed and worked for!!

  6. Ananda says

    If Andy takes after h&m his bill be as full of lies as h’s is. When hazbeen told about that fight everyone is making such a bid deal about he left out what m had done to start it. M made a snide comment to Kate, right before she gave birth to Louis, that she had “baby brain”. That

  7. Jane says

    Would I read Andrew’s book IF he wrote one? NOPE AND NOPE. HAVEN’T READ HARRY’S AND DON’T INTEND TO.

    If a book is written it will probably be written by Fergie as Andrew lacks the skills to write a book. No matter who writes it, it will be more lies and fantasy than reality as Andrew has never, ever, ever done anything wrong.

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