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The Young and the Restless Spoilers Friday December 7: Tessa Kidnapped, Sharon Suspects Victor, Nick And Rebekah Heat Up

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Friday December 7: Tessa Kidnapped, Sharon Suspects Victor, Nick And Rebekah Heat UpThe Young and the Restless (Y&R) episode airing on Wednesday December 5 was preempted, and will air on Thursday.   Y&R spoilers indicate the Friday December 7 episode kicks off  with Devon (Bryton James) saying he just got distracted for a moment, recovering long enough for Ana (Loren Lott) to place headphones on Rebekah Barlow to hear some of Renee’s latest tracks.

Ana pulls Devon away, who reveals his heart is racing and he can’t breath well, she finds his meds and suggests he takes one of them. Victoria (Ameila Heinle) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) chastise Rey (Jordi Vilasuso), saying the evidence was planted there to make Victor (Eric Braeden) look guilty. Rey insists that Victor’s hiding, makes him look guilty and if they are so certain Victor didn’t kill JT )Thad Luckinbill), than who did?

At Crimson Lights, Billy (Jason Thompson) finds Sharon (Sharon Case) learns he has come to an agreement with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni); they just had a brilliant pitch that was a thing of beauty, making it feel like old times. Sharon wonders if it is old times in board room or bedroom.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Phyllis’ Strange Request

Nick (Joshua Morrow) is shocked that Phyllis is asking him to go on a date with another woman. Phyllis says the date has fringe benefits that she can’t offer, as in Rebekah Barlow. She wants him to flash his killer smile and baby blues, which would help her out a whole lot. He wants her to admit she is pimping him out.

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) talk briefly about her lack of work, both trying to figure out what is next for them. Ana tells Devon those meds are for him and what is happening to him right now; reminding him this is nothing like their mother’s addiction. He takes it as she watches him.

Billy sarcastically says his shoulder is always available for their “Wounded Heart Society”, admitting it has been hell seeing Phyllis being CEO but this Barlow project is different; feeling good working together. He hasn’t forgotten what Phyllis did, but he doesn’t want to hold onto the bitterness. Sharon worries about what comes next as Billy says he still cares about Phyllis. Sharon says she made peace with Nick, but she is never going back to him.

Phyllis continues to schmooze Nick, suggesting he simply make Rebekah laugh at his jokes while he flashes his baby blues. Phyllis reveals she never made it clear her and Nick are a couple, but merely business associates. He agrees to the date, calling Phyllis the best girlfriend ever and expects compensation for it.

Ana talks to Rebekah about the document she sent her as Devon rejoins their conversation. He informs her that Ana is going to call Renee’s business manager and they are going to arrange a video conference in five minutes.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Rey Questions Victoria

Rey questions Victoria first. He says he respects her and her loyalty for Victor. He tells her the longer her dad stays away, the worse it will be for him. Victoria tells him, she has no idea where he is and even if she did; Victor had nothing to do with JT’s murder. Rey says either way, there is something she isn’t telling him. Nikki comes in next to be interrogated. He calls Victor powerful and ruthless; reminding her of the things he has done to Billy and Jack. She says she doesn’t know where he is, but Rey believes she is the last one who spoke to him. She says she last spoke to him before the fire.

Rebekah believes Renee is the full package, who has a totally real vibe which is exactly what her brand needs. She tells Devon her team takes care of her paperwork but she has agreed to do this. She tells them she is off to another meeting and Devon says they will have the papers off to her in the morning. Ana and Devon celebrate for a brief moment, before he demands to know how she knew about his prescription.

Kyle (Michael Mealor) sits with Mariah, who reminds him they are talking about her real life and just can’t go through with being with Tessa. She hates the thought of ending it, but he believes Tessa is the one who screwed up and this isn’t on Mariah. She says she cannot walk away but can’t say any more. He gets ready to leave but she grabs his hand saying she can’t leave Tessa because she is scared to death.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Who Planted The Gun?

Nikki is extremely frustrated as Victoria is sure the gun and shirt were planted because whoever it was didn’t know how JT died. Nikki frets about who is moving bodies and planting evidence to frame Victor. Nikki is trying to calm down as Victoria feels both Phyllis and Sharon need to know, promising to be right back. Nikki looks up at the bottle of alcohol when she walks out of the room.

Devon wanted to keep his prescription between him and the doctor; but Ana says she saw it when she was getting a document out of his briefcase and saw the bottle. She doesn’t want anything from him, she knew he was having a panic attack and it is okay for him to ask for help. She will be there when he does.

Nikki opens a bottle of wine and pours it, but when she hears Victoria approaching she dumps it into the flowers. Sharon arrives as Victoria tells them what Rey found – a bloody shirt and literal smoking gun.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Nick Meets With Rebekah

Nick meets with Rebekah at GCAC, where they talk about the properties; but the conversation quickly turns to him and how well he knows women. They both compliment each other and their quick rise in power with their companies. She questions if she is keeping him away from a girlfriend, but he says he is right where he wants to be. He pushes her, saying GC is the place to be. Unfortunately, Billy arrives and witnesses them having dinner together; she agrees to close the deal with Phyllis and Billy, if he goes with her to her suite, Nick agrees.

Mariah tells Kyle that she is afraid of there never being anyone out there for her. He says there would be tons of people who would want to be with her, but she shouldn’t stay with Tessa just out of fear of being alone; both agreeing without trust there is nothing left. She decides to break up with Tessa, but she has to do it alone.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Sharon Suspects Victor

Sharon feels that Victor might have really killed JT, after they thought they did it. Victoria plays out the story, but says her dad would never leave evidence behind. Nikki can’t help but wonder if Jack (Peter Bergman) could have done this. He certainly had motive but where would he have gotten the blood; it dawns on Sharon that its obvious that Phyllis did this.

They continue to bounce the idea around, Nikki being the only one who doesn’t think Phyllis would do something so disgusting. Sharon reminds them not to think this is impossible. Victoria wonders if Sharon is letting her hate of Phyllis cloud her judgment. Nikki can think of one other person and Victoria says it is time for them to put a stop to it!

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Billy Runs To Phyllis

Billy goes to see Phyllis, revealing that he saw Rebekah getting cozy with Nick. Phyllis laughs when Billy says her and Nick aren’t even living together for a week and he’s already cheating on her. Devon talks to Ana about how he had all these people help him when Hilary was in the hospital, but once the funeral was done, they all went back to their lives and the walls were closing in on him. He simply wanted it all to go away; he started drinking and pushed everyone away. Ana says going to see the doctor and taking the meds is great but she is never going to back off. He knows he isn’t a fool.

Nick wants the contracts signed as Rebekah produces a bottle of wine. She says she is flying out tonight and a little celebration is the best way to end their evening. She spills her drink on herself, saying she will be right back, but hasn’t signed the contract.

Billy tells Phyllis he is as sober as a judge. Phyllis says Nick is having dinner with a business associate, something she set up. She can’t help but wonder why he feels the need to tell her what Nick is up to. He doesn’t want to see her get hurt again, calling Nick a “cheater.” He admits sleeping with Summer (Hunter King) was a mistake, but he doesn’t know if an apology would make a difference. She asks if he is looking for another chance, but he leaves before anything happens.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Tessa Kidnapped

Rebekah returns in her lingerie, saying he was going to help her celebrate. He pushes to sign the contracts, but she insists that can wait. Phyllis stands outside the suite. Rey finds Mariah inside the coffeehouse; both having a rough day. She says she isn’t holding out hope that her night will be better than her day, when she gets a text from Tessa, who says she is on her way. Tessa leaves the apartment, but as she is about to lock the door, her head is covered and she is abducted.

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