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Mama June Spoilers: June Shannon Complains About Doctors Not Taking Her Seriously

Mama June spoilers reveal that June Shannon has been complaining a lot lately about her doctors. She has had a lot of medical issues come up lately, but it turns out that she feels that these doctors are not taking her seriously. Why does she think this? She feels that since they know she was a drug addict that they are not treating her illnesses. Let’s take a deeper look into what is going on.

Mama June’s – Bizarre Illnesses

June has been in the hospital on and off since September. She is suffering from “severe headaches and dizziness” and every time she goes to see a doctor, they claim that they do not know what is going on with her. She opened up to her fans more about how she was feeling and what was going on with her health.

She said, “I’m getting tired of having severe headaches and not being able to think. I’m not getting tired of forgetting things, I’m getting tired of being dizzy and not being able to see straight.” June is legally blind now after her cataracts were untreated. She has had them since childhood, but never got help with them.

Mama June

June still cannot find a doctor who can help her though. She told her fans that no matter how many tests she gets run on her, they always come back “kind of normal”. What is going on with her? June told her fans that she thinks the doctors are not taking her seriously because of her past. “I’ve been in recovery and been sober for three years. And that, for them, throws up that judgmental card and they seem to be like, ‘Oh, well you have to be honest about your symptoms.’ We still don’t have answers. I’m still getting judgement from the doctors… I feel like I’m getting judge because of my prior issues. I hate that the doctors will look at someone who has been through something in their life, like an addiction, and they think that someone can’t change.”

June Shannon’s Health Is Suffering

June continues to try and work with her doctors to see what is really going on with her. She has tried to get second and third opinions, but the doctors seem to be clueless when it comes to what is really going on with her. She is just going to have to be patient with these doctors and hope that one of them can figure out what is happening to her.

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