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“Orange is the New Black” Stars Open Up About Earnings From the Mega-hit TV Show

“Orange is the New Black” Stars Open Up About Earnings From the Mega-hit TV Show

In your head, do you maybe like picture the cast of Netflix’s hit drama “Orange is the New Black” as people who will be cruising around in a limo on a Friday just because? Well, throw away that vision because the stars actually have a different story. According to several of them, their earnings did not show them as much love as we did the show.

“Orange is the New Black” Cast On the Unfairness Of Their Royalty Payments

SAG-AFTRA is officially on strike and it has prompted lots of actors to speak out about the unfair payment and bonuses they’ve had to receive for being part of a project, while the production company leaders line their pockets with millions. And that is in case you ever start to wonder why the actors had to hop on the strike train.

It’s been a decade since “Orange is the New Black” premiered and its stars are yet to see the level of payment that matches up to the level of fame the project enjoyed.

The strike unearthed a 2020 clip of Kimiko Glenn, who played idealistic activist Brook Soso, making fun of the royalty payment she got after appearing on 45 episodes of the popular series. “I’m about to be so rich,” she said in the video posted on TikTok, as she panned down the list of episodes she appeared in.

However, the metaphorical pin dropped when she got to the sum total residuals she got from the show and it was a mere $27.30 . Not funny, right? The video went viral when it dropped three years ago, but with the strike hanging over our heads like a dark cloud.

“Orange Is The New Black” Cast Has Found It Necessary To Add To The Conversation.

“Exaccctttlllyyy,” Matt McGorry, who played a corrections officer at the women’s prison, wrote in a reply to Glenn’s post in May. “I kept my day job the entire time I was on the show because it paid better than the mega-hit TV show we were on.”

Wait, don’t go anywhere, that’s not all. You may or may remember Beth Dover as Linda Ferguson on the series, but well, here’s what she had to say: “Yep. It actually COST me money to be in season 3 and 4 since I was cast local hire and had to fly myself out, etc. But I was so excited for the opportunity to be on a show I loved so I took the hit. It’s maddening.”

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Dover further discussed the topic during a recent interview with The New Yorker, where she accused Netflix of boasting of the millions they make for their shareholders.

“They’re telling us, ‘Oh, we can’t pay you this much, because we’re pinching pennies,'” she claimed. “But then Netflix is telling their shareholders that they’re making more than they’ve ever made. We have not been fairly compensated by any stretch of the imagination.”

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